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Özel Yağlama Ekipmanları - Oil-Streak-Generating Unit
Oil-Streak-Generating Unit


Bijur’s high performance Air / Oil Lubricating system delivers high-efficiency lubrication and cooling for highspeed spindles and other surfaces requiring precise lubrication.

The advance design delivers precise amounts of lubricant and eliminates residual drift of ‘’oil fog’’ or mist during operation.

The system utilises a speciallly designed Positive displacement Injector (PDI) with oil output to a close tolerance level down to 0.01cc/cycle. This permits exact oil volumes to be discharged into an air mixing valve, the controlled air and oil flows through clear plastic tubing to the critical lubrication points.

A small intermittent discharge from injectors flows along the inside wall of the tubing until it is fully extended over the full lenght of the tubing.


Air expansion at nozzle tip delivers controlled spray (not mist) to the lubrication point for optimum performance. The air / oil system can deliver small or large air flows to the lubrication point and handles a wide range of oil viscosities.


The electric ‘Surefire’ pump with or without the controller option provides adjustable pre-determined operation cycles which delivers oil into the air / oil block. The injectors in the air oil block then discharge a precise quantity of oil wich is mixed with air in the air / oil block <Mixing Block>. The oil is then delivered in a continous flow to the lubication points. The air flow in each outlet can be individually adjusted to accomodate different lubication requirements. The air / oil panels come equipped with air and oil pressure switches, an air regulator system and all pumps are fitted with a oil low level switch.

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