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Elektrikli Pompalar - Versa III Pump
Versa III Pump


The VERSA III pump is an electrically operated gear pump intended for use in volumetric type (PDI) centralised lubrication systems. This compact unit comes with a 2L or 4L reservoir, has a low level switch and an oil pressure switch as standard. There is an optional controller version, designed to fully control the lubrication cycles within a PDI injector environment. Electrical connection is via M12x1 for quick and efficient installation.


When the pump is switched on, the 230V motor drives a gear pump, which delivers oil into the main distribution line. The pressure in the line will increase until ultimately it reaches system pressure at which point the integrated relief valve opens and prevents the pressure from increasing any further. During this period of pressure rise, the injectors in the distribution line will fire and eject a metered volume of oil to the appropriate lubrication point. Also, during this period, the pressure switch will close, providing a signal back to the pump. Depending on how the pump is configured, this pressure switch may be used to control the On- Time of the pump. Once the pump switches off, the distribution line pressure will be relieved through an integrated dump valve, enabling the injectors to reset.

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