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Elektrikli Pompalar - BS-B Pump
BS-B Pump


The pump BS-B is ideally suitable for applications where long extended main line runs and a large number of friction points are to be reliably served from one central station. In conjunction with distributors type ZV-B downstream the pump is predominantly used in dual-line centralized systems, but also as filling-or greasing pump.

Product Characteristics

  • Discharge pressure adjustable up to max. 400 bar
  • High reliability due to forced control
  • Discharge: 7, 14 and 22 liters/h, depends on driving speed
  • Geared motors
  • Long service life thanks to the use of wear-resistant high-grade steel
  • Compact and rugged design
  • Lubricant: grease, liquid grease
  • Surface signal grey RAL 7004


The pump can be supplied complete with a geared motor.

Basically it consists of a body with plunger assembly and reservoir. The rotation is converted inside the pump head into an oscillating movement. The BS-B double-acting pump has two pairs of plunger (feed pistons and pilot pistons) which move simultaneously into a common bore.

Whilst one pair of pistons is on the suction stroke in one bore, the other pair forces the lubricant in a second bore into the pressure channel. The pilot pistons are positively-controlled i.e. they are displaced mechanically into is end position following each cycle, thus preventing blocking, as is likely to occur with hydraulically-or spring-controlled plungers.

The required feed pressure is adjustable thanks to an integral pressure relief valve. In the event of an inadmissibly overpressure situation occuring an additional safeguard (burst plates) is incorporated to protect the pump element from damage. The pump need not be bled.

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